About Protégé

Our Logo | 

Simply put, the logo is a modern looking version of a knot. The perfect representation of everything coming together. From the business partnership with Ryan and Matt, the blend of the varietals in the wine itself, and the process from viticulture to winemaking. 



 Ryan Darrall |

"Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with the entire process of producing a bottle of wine. The rich history of turning a grape into a delicacy really amazed me. I wanted to be a part of the modern world of winemaking" 

Growing up working at a winery my entire life, I have been lucky to experience every angle of the wine business. Now we have something that we can call our own, and we're excited to show you our hard work turned into something you can enjoy."  

Mathew Torres |

"My family has been making wine in this valley since 1948. I've always admired and appreciated the hard work put in to keep the winery running, and turning it into what it is today. Looking up to them and working in various aspects of the industry my whole life, I've known from a young age I wanted to work in the wine business.

With both of us coming from wine backgrounds, Protégé is a brand that truly reflects where we come from, and the pursuit of our own legacy in this industry."